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13-04-2021 | By : Lorie Chamberland

Caprea's first participation to the Corporate Challenge

On June 13, the Caprea team will complete its first participation in the Corporate Challenge. In these times of telecommuting, we believe that physical activity is essential because it leads to good physical and mental health. We are therefore pleased to see that a good number of employees have signed up for the challenge.

The challenge officially began on March 22. Some activities will be put in place over the next few weeks to encourage our participants. They will have access to a training program, a private training session with Cardio Plein Air as well as a conference on physical activity and nutrition.

Caprea achieved its goal of soliciting the participation of at least 10 employees of the firm. We also aim to raise $ 250 in donations. This year, the donations collected by the participants in the Challenge in the Montreal region will go to the Little Brothers Foundation. This organization aims to counter the isolation of the elderly until the end of their life. Don’t hesitate to cheer us on! To view the company profile, see the following link:

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