For any submission request, please fill the form.

Step 1

Submission request

Each evaluation is unique and custom-made. However, in order to guide you through the process, here is an overview of the steps habitually taken in order to produce a report by starting with submission request. 

Step 2

Submission request approval

Step 3

Gathering the required documents:

a)    Copy of the assessment roll
b)    Municipal tax bill
c)    School tax bill
d)    Certificate of location or building plans
e)    Zoning compliance
f)    List of leases including inclusions/exclusions (income properties)
g)    Expenses (income properties of 5 units or more)
h)    List of major/recent renovations (During a discussion while visiting a property)
i)    Doors and windows
ii)    Roofing
iii)    Exterior cladding
iv)    Repairs of cracks in the foundation
v)    Insulation
vi)    Electricity
vii)    Plumbing
viii)    Flooring
ix)    Kitchen
x)    Bathrooms

Step 4

Appointment for visiting the property

  1.  Elaborate on the history of the property
  2.  Visual inspection of the property characteristics
  3.  Visual inspection of the finishing work
  4. Taking pictures of the property

Step 5

Evaluation and production of the report

Step 6

Presenting the report to the client

Step 7

Follow-up and answering any questions following the presentation of the evaluation report